EO is a mission-driven endeavor that strives to elevate both people and planet. I wrote numerous pieces for EO over a two year period, including their corporate blog, marketing materials, product copy, biographies and multiple corporate narratives. Below is a sample blog post.

You know how sometimes things happen that seem really irritating at first and then… they turn out to be something good?  I love that.

A few weeks ago, I stopped at Wild Flour Bread in Freestone on my way to Occidental, a detour which, if you’ve ever eaten bread like this, qualifies as holy pilgramage. Wild yeast, organic flours, and lovely people, with a huge vegetable garden out back to sit in while you inhale your spring garlic with chevre fougasse. I waited in the long line, got to the front and ordered three different loaves, four scones and a latte (not all for immediate consumption, I swear) and only then remembered they only take cash. Which I didn’t have.

After an awful moment, mostly comprised of crestfallen gluttony and caffeine necessity, the lovely woman at the cash register reminded me of the second thing about them I’d forgotten. I have an account there. And guess what? So do you.

If you don’t have money, they write what you owe across the back of their card and you mail it in to them. The woman helping me did just that, handed me the card, no problem.

Wow. What a way to feel good about the world. What would if be like if we all lived in faith and trust like this? I called later and asked them whether any customers ever took advantage of this good faith policy. Just about never, is what they said.

Love it.