A project of the Presidio Trust, the Presidio Institute is America’s first “home for service”.  It is being created at the spectacular Fort Scott, a twenty-acre campus on the western edge of the Presidio, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. People from all over the world will convene here to learn, share ideas, and work towards the shared goal of elevating humanity through service.

I was asked by the Presidio Trust to help tell the story of this big idea. In addition to a suite of traditional written materials, I created an installation for the foyer of their headquarters telling the story of the Institute in a way that honored its emerging, evolving nature. The story was strung in vertical phrases on large cards in order to support the cadence of the unfolding concepts as the reader moved from one to the next. As an ancient symbol of connection and alignment, red twine was used to link the cards into their whole form. The voice reflects their mission: iconic, visionary and daring.