The late Jeff Klein was a visionary who was a leader in the movement to elevate humanity by bringing trust, compassion and consciousness to the foundations of capitalism and business. He was a leader at Conscious Capitalism, the renowned organization founded by John Mackey of Whole Foods, as well as for Being Human, a nonprofit engaged in bringing together the finest minds of our time to explore the complexities of human nature. Jeff also founded Working for Good, publishing several award-winning books and traveling for speaking engagements on the topic of consciousness and business.

He was invited to speak at Tedx in Grand Rapids Michigan in May of 2014, six weeks before his death. I was privileged to be asked by him in the months preceding his talk to bring form to his message that the power of attention changes everything. We worked together to create language that brought forward an artful, clear and compelling narrative in support of his ideas. It was an honor to spend time with this deeply intelligent and influential man in his life’s work to bring healing to the world of business, and thus to all people.