I see clearly, feel deeply, am a student of precision, and believe the most important person in any moment is the one across from me. My goal in life is to unhitch my inner experience from my outer circumstances.

My work is informed by multiple professional incarnations, all centered in the realm of communications, including finance (Smith Barney), food and sustainable farming (Chez Panisse, Marin Organic, All One Farm); retail (Gap Inc., EO Products); hospitality (Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company), and community building (The Presidio Trust).

I hold a degree in Cultural Anthropology from UC Irvine and another in Psychology from Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. I share my time between northern California and a farm in Vermont.

I am

  • I am. I use these two potent and fertile words every day to help myself wake up to this swiftly passing life. I believe they help us step into who we want to be, which is usually the same as who we already are, deep inside. They also reflect the unity, interdependence and oneness that is the fundamental reality of all things.

  • Below are some of my guiding *I ams*. They inform my writing, my relationships with other humans, my experience living in nature and the ever-changing and yet eternal nature of my inner landscape as I walk through this wrenching and beautiful world.

  • I am the river of love and possibility that flows to and through every moment

  • I am standing in the circle of my family, co-creating a sacred field of love for our highest growth, expression and healing

  • I am the stillness within my being, beneath all thought, behind all doing

  • I am in relationship with my ancestors, my teachers and my guides, who stand with and for me in every breath

  • I am abundance on every level, with all the time, money, love and energy that I could ever need

  • I am in service to all beings