“On our project, Kathleen was asked to walk a virtual balance beam between relaying objective facts and faithfully capturing the emotional aspects of the brand, all while keeping the word count low. She performed this balancing act with the aplomb of an Olympic gymnast and even stuck the landing. We would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Peter Kay

Director of Sales and Marketing, Peter Michael Winery

“I was exceedingly fortunate to team up with Kathleen on the copy for my very first Skyland website. She is such a keen listener, has a special gift for getting to the heart of the matter, and is impeccably insightful and tenacious about the right word or phrase that makes all the difference in the world. I felt heard by her and accompanied by her in the whole website process and so appreciated her kindness and sensitivity to boot. She helped ground my lofty thoughts, honed my wordy excesses to exquisite nuggets, and shaped what I wanted to convey into transporting, concise, inspiring copy that hit all the right notes. What’s in a word? Everything! And no one knows that better than Kathleen.”

Nancy Park

Founder, Skyland

“Kathleen leads with smarts and heart. Her bold questions uncover the root, and her compassionate insights steer nonprofit messaging out of ruts. Her enthusiasm as a linguistic trail guide is infectious, and I love working with her to craft communications with just the right ratio of grounding and inspiring elements.”

Robynn Carliss

Director of Creative Services, Sustainable Conservation

“The first assignment that I worked on with Kathleen was to rewrite a website which was undergoing complete redesign. Direction included condensing all copy and rewriting to reflect the evolved brand voice.” Upon review of the first draft, I was extremely impressed with Kathleen’s storytelling ability which engages the target audience and deconstructs complex ideas. She clearly understood the new brand voice with limited samples provided to her. Kathleen dives in head first, asks questions along the journey and is comfortable pushing back if she’s not in agreement on the direction. She achieves every deadline, often ahead of schedule, all of which has resulted in follow-on projects. She’s a delight to work with and a true professional with a passion for her work.”

Audrey Gerber

Brand Strategy and Marketing Consultant

“Kathleen is an inspired and beautiful writer! She listened carefully as we described the essence of our program and the values of our organization, and then articulated them clearly and compellingly for others. We receive compliments on our website and marketing materials regularly, in large part thanks to Kathleen’s magical work.”

Monica Bonny

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Alder Graduate School of Education

“I/we have worked with Kathleen for nearly a decade. She is a truly gifted writer that enables organizations to reach audiences to connect on an emotional level. She is able to illuminate even the most complicated subjects from neuroscience, to financial management to complex multi-audience nonprofits. I’ll add that she’s a wonderful team player, a skilled project manager and one of the soulful people I know.

There have been no companies, concepts or too complicated for Kathleen…and her professional background / wide ranging and often-relevant resume makes our unicorn of a partner.”

Jennifer Jerde

Founder, Elixir Design

“We needed much more than a writer – we needed a seasoned pro who could understand not only the San Francisco Ballet, but ballet as a global art form, and what it gives to our patrons and to the world. Kathleen worked with key donors, our principal dancers and choreographers and the leadership team to craft a suite of development materials that helped us exceed, by far, our fundraising goals for multiple seasons. She is a consummate professional, and I can’t recommend her work more highly.”

Tom Flinn

Development Director, San Francisco Ballet

“For four years, Kathleen consulted with us on our development and annual report materials. Our work together resulted in some of the most cogent, compelling and moving brand identity communications I’ve ever had the privilege of using. Kathleen became an important part of our team, and without her insight, heart, and deeply powerful instincts our successes would have been less bright than they were otherwise. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it.”

Marsha Robertson

Director of Communications, Futures without Violence

“Kathleen made our marketing materials, blog and website copy come alive and has been an absolute pleasure to work with – I would wholeheartedly recommend her for any writing or branding assignment. She creates language that is authentic, compelling, and a pleasure to read. She is a true professional and we are very satisfied clients.”

Brad Black

Founder, EO Products

“Kathleen Duich is a very fine writer, but many people are. What sets her above all others is her ability to listen, to not be wedded to her own words but instead to masterfully work with the client until the written piece is a reflection of the client’s soul, until it exactly says what is needed to be said. That quality is very difficult to find. I hold Kathleen’s talent and work in the highest regard.”

Helge Hellberg

Executive Director, Marin Organic

“Kathleen’s talent and integrity are formidable. She developed themes and storylines that made our materials sing. It was exactly what we needed. Kathleen is a pleasure to work with; she has my highest recommendation.”

Emebet Bellingham

Co-Founder and President, The World Family

“Kathleen re-imagined the overall brand messaging for Summer Search in a deeply thoughtful and more authentic way. Her writing allowed our stakeholders to feel more connected to the work and continues to inspire others to get involved. I am grateful for the care and skills she brought to us and highly recommend her for any organization trying to bring their uniqueness and message to others.”

Katherine Kennedy

Executive Director, Summer Search

“Kathleen is a delight to partner with — she is smart, organized, warm and gets to the essence of what you are trying to communicate very quickly. She was instrumental in helping Summer Search develop our voice — one that is both authentic and inspiring. She continues to be an important touchstone and partner for our brand communications.”

Liz Hurst

Vice President Marketing and Communications, Summer Search