Futures without Violence

Development campaign strategy and collateral

Women and children getting beat up in their homes at the hands of violent men is an old, old story. Futures is committed to getting underneath the root causes of domestic violence in order to create health and healing for individuals, families and communities. Their remarkable work has garnered the attention of leading changemakers across the country and I was honored to work with them over four years to develop fundraising campaigns in order to fuel their noble mission.

“For four years, Kathleen consulted with us on our development and annual report materials. Our work together resulted in some of the most cogent, compelling and moving brand identity communications I’ve ever had the privilege of using. Kathleen became an important part of our team, and without her insight, heart, and deeply powerful instincts our successes would have been less bright than they were otherwise. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it.”

Marsha Robertson

Director of Communications, Futures without Violence